Tanks and Cisterns

Mekano manufactures high-quality tanks and cisterns for clients within the chemical and food industries. The capacity of our cisterns varies from 200 litres to 18 cubic metres.

We also produce hydraulic and fuel tanks to be used in sailboats and heavy vehicles. These tanks are most often made of carbon steel, acidproof steel and titanium.

Besides manufacturing, our team performs maintenance and repair on all types of tanks and cisterns.

To ensure that our products comply with all the regulations on safety and endurance, they are always carefully welded and finished. When manufacturing cisterns for the food industry, third-party inspections are often required to confirm that the finished product is safe and suitable for our clients’ production processes.

Said About Mekano

Close to the large-scale industry, they offer a versatile and flexible service.

Timo Mäenpää, UPM

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